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Generate greater demand, news coverage, and long-term organic traffic by using survey-based branded research and in-depth interviews in your content.

With a decade of experience in content marketing for B2B tech companies, we know how to balance technical details and engaging storytelling – and how to design data collection and analysis to make sure the best insights are brought to life.

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Case Study

With original research, Industrial Physics reaches 2.5 million readers and more than doubles their prospect pipeline

How We Help

Experienced Content Creators Who Know How to Turn Insights Into Content Gold

Research firms with a primary focus on research can miss the hidden storytelling gems in the data. And content marketing agencies without the research chops, can miss how to best connect the data with storytelling.

With over a decade in content marketing for B2B tech companies, we know how to gather and use data and in-depth interviews to create content gold and drive superior campaign performance.


We handle all the details end-to-end to make it a fuss-free process for you

Custom solutions

We align every project to match your goals

High-quality insights

We help you gather credible data and interviews to create content filled with original insights

Niche B2B audiences

We can help you find your target B2B audience for surveys or interviews

Global reach

We can reach audiences across the world in their language, and translate the results back to you


We drive the research with your content goals in mind, so the end result is always high-performing content

Case Study

Working with Redpoint was a game-changer for Automox compared to previous research partner

Why choose us

Our 3R™ Research Process:
Rigorous. Reliable. Results.

Our 3R™ Research Process: Rigorous. Reliable. Results.

Research Road Map

Identify your research goals and develop an engaging storyline

Audience Analysis

Gain clarity on who you’ll survey and find your audience

Survey Design

Use best practices to craft a survey that will deliver impactful insights

Survey Testing

Run your survey through a multi-step testing and quality control check

Data Collection

Monitor the data collection process

Data Cleaning & Analysis

Validate results and customized analysis to dig up more insights

Data Insights

Get the results of your data delivered in a digestible format with key messaging and storylines

Compelling Content

Custom content based on your data that drives results

“This was our first research project, and Redpoint proved to be a great partner. They asked thoughtful questions to help us collect data that aligned with our research goals and were highly collaborative, flexible, and responsive. We walked away with not only great insights but a compelling research report that will help build our thought leadership and sell the value of our B2B services.”

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