The Best Time to Publish Your Research Report

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Here’s a question we often get at Redpoint: When’s the best time to publish my research report? 🤔

Like most things in life, there’s not one correct answer. But there are several things that you should factor into your decision:

1. Industry events or trends

Consider whether there are any industry events, conferences, or trends relevant to your report’s topic. Launching the report around the time of such events can help maximize its visibility and impact.

You can also field surveys at events where the attendees are your target audience. They are more likely to be invested in the topic and your results.

2. Seasonality

Depending on your industry or the subject matter of the report, certain times of the year may be more suitable for launching. For example, reports related to holiday shopping trends might be best released before or during the holiday season.

💡Bonus Tip #1

Consider timing around specific holidays that are relevant in your industry or to your audience.

3. Competitive landscape

Research when your competitors typically release reports or studies. If there’s a time when there are fewer competing reports being released, it might be advantageous to launch yours then to stand out.

4. Media and news cycles

Avoid launching your report during periods dominated by major news events or holidays when media coverage may be focused elsewhere.

For B2B industry trade magazine publication, broader media trends may not be as important, yet awareness of industry-specific events remains crucial as they may overshadow your report’s promotion efforts. Thus, maintaining some knowledge of media cycles within your industry remains essential.

💡Bonus Tip #2

Leverage micro-moments in news trends with a shorter, quick “pulse” type survey to get data fast enough to still be timely.

5. Content calendar

Coordinate the launch of your report with your overall content calendar. Make sure it aligns with your broader marketing initiatives and doesn’t clash with other important campaigns.

6. SEO and backlinks boost

Research can generate a lot of backlinks, which is great for SEO. However, most research has a two-year shelf life, so publishing your research earlier in the year can make it last longer.

7. Budget and resources

Make sure you have the necessary budget and resources to promote the report effectively. Timing the launch when you can allocate sufficient resources for promotion is crucial for maximizing its reach.

💡Bonus Tip #3

And remember: When planning a research project, having the rollout and media plan in place before the research is commissioned is best practice.

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