Our mission is to create high-Performing content marketing initiatives

With AI-generated content in the mix, the sea of content is rapidly rising. Only the best, most original content will perform. We create the type of nuanced content AI can’t.

Reach your customer acquisition goals and build an authoritative brand with content that combines unique survey-based insights and in-depth interviews, a deep knowledge of your B2B audience and products, and powerful storytelling

“Working with Redpoint has helped us dramatically increase our content for a greater number of verticals. That allows our Demand Generation Team to do their job so much more efficiently. They’re able to run more campaigns, get better information about our products in front of new leads, and attract leads who are more interested in our products. Redpoint’s work has helped us reach many of our customer acquisition goals.”

If you're asking any of the questions below
about your marketing campaigns,
you’re in the right place

"How do we develop a strategic annual marketing campaign?”
"How do we get more brand awareness and authority in our industry?”
"How do we get more prospects into our lead pipeline?”
"How do we get more media mentions and editorials published?”
"How do we generate more backlinks and improve SEO?”
"How do we create high-quality content that speaks to our target audience?”

Our report went out this afternoon via email newsletter. After 3 hours we’ve had nearly 70 downloads and 2 demo requests – which is record-breaking for us! A big thanks to you for the great content.

Strategic Content Only Humans Can Create

We create the content AI can’t—because it’s built on original customer, industry, and product insights. Our areas of deep expertise include martech, retailtech, edutech, cloud, DevOps, data management, analytics, IT infrastructure and hardware, logistics & operations, unified communications, and more.  

Content Strategy

Make sure your content aligns with your business and audience’s goals.

  • Voice of customer research
  • Content audits & analysis
  • Content strategy
  • Content calendars
Content Creation

Position your brand as an authority with in-depth interviews and data-driven original content.

  • Original research reports
  • Definitive guides, white papers & eBooks
  • Articles
  • Case studies
  • Business books (O’Reilly or other publishers)
  • And more
Product-Led Content

Boost customer retention and help customers solve problems by strategically weaving product mentions into your content.

  • We take a deep dive into learning your products
  • We strategically use product information to build a compelling narrative
  • We always ensure the content remains focused on helping your audience
Content Retainers

We work as a long-term partner with our clients, but also believe in offering you a lot of flexibility.

  • Apply funds to content strategy or creation
  • Six months to use your funds
  • Minimum $15,000

Because of Redpoint' expertise in our field, they were able to understand our briefs and bring an additional perspective. The accuracy and quality of the copy we received from Redpoint enabled us to produce quality results quickly and effectively.

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