Qualitative and quantitative data can spark terrific content—and equally terrific results.

We’ve been knee-deep in B2B content marketing for over a decade—working with some of the world’s best-known brands like Adobe, IBM, Samsung, Slack, and Vonage to create thought leadership content. But we’ve spent the last several years diving deeper into original research as we’ve seen just how valuable it can be to any content marketing program.

We’re deeply committed to helping B2B brands craft original content that people want to engage with and share—and will convert on. And we believe one of the best ways to do that is through credible, high-quality original research and interviews with your thought leaders and industry experts.

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It’s been such a relief to delegate a significant chunk of our quarterly content to Redpoint and know without a doubt it’s going to be created on time and at the level we need for publishing on schedule.

Who we serve best

If you’re looking for a research or content partner who will provide bespoke service, high-quality data and content, and has proven processes to guide you, you’re in the right place. We serve:

B2B marketers with complex products or services and a need for high-quality content
B2B marketers who want research tailored to their specific audience and needs
B2B marketers who want a partner to help with their thought-leadership content programs
Agencies who want to white label research

Meet the Leadership

Becky Lawlor

Founder and Chief Research & Content Officer

Becky has over 10 years of experience creating thought leadership content for B2B tech brands—from startups to Fortune 500s. Becky was first drawn to original research for its ability to perform exceptionally well on almost every content marketing metric—engagement, brand awareness, media mentions, SEO, and thought leadership—and her own love of data-driven storytelling.

Over the past several years, Becky has honed her original research skills, surveying hundreds of B2B audiences and working with marketing teams around the globe to create high-quality research-based content that drives demand and builds awareness.

As Chief Research & Content Officer, Becky’s goal is to ensure that every project is tailored to deliver thought-leading, high-quality content that will deliver on your content marketing goals.